At GWA, we pride ourselves on our project delivery. Our range of expertise means we can offer a comprehensive architectural service from concept to completion.


The feasibility stage of a project aims to provide ideas and inspiration for what's possible when it comes to a design.

Whether assessing the viability of a large-scale site to review numbers and the likelihood of planning support or weighing up the options and design possible for a home build or extension, our award-winning team work closely with clients to provide bespoke design solutions across all our projects, regardless of how large or small.

We are passionate about the work we do, and our aim is to provide spaces you're passionate about using.


The planning stage of any scheme requires engagement with the local planning authority and the production of detailed drawings and supporting documents which outline the works proposed.

The level of detail required to support any planning application is based on the individual scheme and requirements of the planning department.

We manage the whole process for our clients and work closely with them and the local authority to ensure comprehensive applications are submitted and engage with them throughout the process to ensure the best possible outcome for all parties.

Building Regulations & Technical Drawings

In order to start building work approval for the technical aspect of the design must be sought from the local council or approved inspector, through the production of detailed technical drawings which outline how the construction will comply with the Approved Documents and British Standards.

We pride ourselves on the level of detail produced within our packages and co-ordinate and work closely with any other consultants required at this stage. We also deal with the preparation of the application and manage the approval process to ensure our clients obtain the necessary approval to commence their project.

Tender Process

Preparing all of the necessary documents for a complete tender process is a time consuming and complicated task.

We remove the burden of this from our client by preparing the necessary technical specification, project preliminaries and supporting contract documentation. We are also able to prepare comprehensive tender packages that can be tendered to contractors from our approved tender list to suit the size, timescale and budget of the project.

Contract Administration

Ensuring the works go smoothly on site and that the correct values are paid to the contractor at the agreed milestones within the project are key to ensuring an efficient build.

We often provide this service to client ensuring the correct building contract is in place between parties and through regular inspections that everything is proceeding in accordance with the approved drawings.

Employing a professional to administer the contract also ensures peace of mind to all of the parties and that and area that require remedial or additional works are quickly identified and remedied.

3D Visualisation

High quality 3D visualisations not only allow clients to engage and provide feedback on the designs that are taking place but can also give insight into how the building will look, both internally and externally, at different times of year and at different times of day.

This can be an extremely useful feature when assessing the light and aspects into a project and how the building will feel to the client. Visuals can also be produced to assist with planning applications and for marketing purposes.

Design Management

While many contractors deliver this role in house, for the last decade, we've provided this as a flexible outsourced facility.

With over 18 years’ experience in this field, we are able to assist with everything from pre-procurement interrogation and value engineering options, to managing the process on site and ensuring integration and co-ordination from the appointed consultants.

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