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Our Process

In order to make the design and construction process as straight forward as possible for our clients, we break it down into 5 stages;

Stage 1 – Feasibility
We’ll arrange a meeting for an initial consultation where we will discuss your home plans and develop a client brief. We will then survey the property and prepare existing plans, sections and elevation drawings. These will be used to develop a home design or design options to allow us to discuss the details and scale of the home project so the design can be refined into a finished product. At the end of the feasibility process you can decide whether to move forward with the project and your house plans, or take a step back and wait for a more suitable time to begin the work.
Stage 2 – Planning
Once we’ve agreed the design we’ll finalise the proposed drawings. As part of our planning process we may have to approach your Local Authority for a pre-application consultation. This will allow any concerns or considerations for more complex schemes to be addressed before a formal planning application is submitted. Once the scheme is agreed, we’ll submit a formal planning application and continue to work with the planning authority until a formal decision is made.To ensure your house plans run as smoothly as possible for you, we take care of the planning process so you don’t have to.
Stage 3 – Building Regulations
The approved planning drawings will be developed a step further and turned into construction drawings that will show the construction type and include information about how the project will be built safely and comply with current building legislation for elements such as insulation and energy saving. Once these are completed they are submitted to your local authority Building Control department for plan approval. A Building Control officer will also check and sign off the construction works at key stages of the development for final Building regulation approval.
Stage 4 – Tender
The building regulations drawings are just one part of a construction drawing package, these drawings will be taken another stage further to include construction detailing and products, this will be paired with a detailed specification document, this is a written document that lists all the works elements and the specific products to be used. These documents will then be sent to a list of trusted North East building companies to be priced. We will then make a recommendation on which contractor has provided the most comprehensive construction and cost analysis for the proposed work, and which contractor we feel should be appointed to carry out the construction works.
Stage 5 – On site construction
Before starting on site we’ll set up a contract between you and the contractor which agrees all of the parameters of the project. Once on site we will make regular inspections to ensure the work is being carried out in accordance with the tender documents, as well as providing additional information to support the builder during the construction phase. We’ll also certify the amount of work carried out and hence the monies to be paid to the contractor at agreed periods through the project. We will also advise on any rectifications the contractor is required to make, including returning 3 months after completion to ensure no defects have occurred. If we find any defects, we will instruct the contractor to return to the property and rectify all defects before the final payment is made. Once the final payment is made, the contract is complete.

For further information, please refer to the GW Architectural Guide to Domestic Services, or give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to talk you through the process.