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Improve Don’t Move

Improve Don’t Move

Over time, people’s situations often change. That perfectly suited house you originally bought may now be becoming unfit for your needs or simply just no longer suits your taste.

So what can you do? Well you generally only have two options; you can up sticks, relocate and move to a new property or you can renovate and extend your current home to suit your new needs. Here At GW Architectural we certainly prefer the latter. Some of the reasons as to why moving house may not always be the best solution are below:


  1. Moving House is Stressful! Locating a new property, packaging all your items into boxes and moving into a new house is just the tip of the iceberg.


  1. Greater financial Security. It limits your chances of becoming involved in what has become an unpredictable housing market.


  1. No need for a second Mortgage. You are less likely to need a new mortgage or change the terms of your existing one. You also save money by not incurring the fees associated with selling and buying a new home.


  1. Local Comforts. You are able to stay in the same area that you have got to know with the same amenities, friends and neighbours.


  1. They don’t build them like they used to. The new house you move into may still require modifications or decorating to suit. Which can lead to it being a costly and time consuming process.


  1. You want it your way. Your current space can be completely tailor made for you, suiting your functions, family needs and lifestyle.


If you do decide to stay where you are rather than continue looking for somewhere else there is some things we suggest looking at. Firstly you need to work out how much more space you actually need. Do you have any current unusable space such as an attic space or spare room that could be better utilised? Could your property be extended outwards, upwards or a basement be added?

We can spend the time with you at your property discussing your needs. We will measure up your property and come up with feasibility options that closely fit your family’s ergonomics and lifestyle. We will work closely with space and light to maximise what you can accomplish from your existing property. We can help create your dream home without you having to look elsewhere and ultimately increase the value of your property.

So remember, GW Architectural “Creating Space for Change. Improve, don’t move” and save yourself lots of money, time and stress.

If you are interested in finding out more or you have any questions please visit our website at where you can download our guide to domestic architectural services and find hints and tips in our blogs. Or if you prefer give us a call on 0191 269 6963 to see how we can help with your project.