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How to price a build

Pricing a construction project is not a simple everyday task, in fact the industry has devoted entire professions to solving this problem. The cost of a project can vary for many reasons including; construction method, specification, geographic location and time of year, it can even be affected by the current housing and construction market, which regards to how much work is available for contractors in your area.

There are however certain guidelines and publications that can help us and you establish a reasonable scale of costs based upon the type of project you are considering.

Project Type Min cost (M2) Max cost (M2) Avg cost (M2)
Single Storey Extension £500.00 £1500.00 £1051.00
Two Storey Extension £500.00 £1650.00 £1130.00
Loft Conversion £400.00 £1320.00 £750.00
Garage Conversion £210.00 £400.00 £275.00
Sunroom £600.00 £1650.00 £950.00
Orangery £1400.00 £2800.00 £1600.00
Conservatory £560.00 £685.00 £600.00

Figures are to be used as a guide only and are based on a traditional residential building fabric

This cost information should be used as a guide only. For a more detailed cost estimate of your project, please get in touch!