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Granny Flats

Granny flats are an increasingly popular addition to a modern home. They are a fantastic living space solution for the elderly, they’re brilliant at providing private space for visiting family and friends or even for a luxury remote study area.

A Granny Flat is a viable solution to creation a private living space build within, or detached from the main house. As a separate apartment there is a requirement for a reasonable amount of space, to extend, but through the use of innovative solutions you may not need as much space as you expect.

We can design an independent living space in a stylish and sustainable building that compliments your home and its surroundings. As well as accommodating the principles of accessibility design such as Universal design and Life Time Homes design.

Granny flats are a fantastic solution for providing independent living space, whether it is a self-contained flat, open plan studio or an additional bed space, our team of experts can work very closely with you to create your dream flat.